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The field and crap bets are what we call one role bets. They are paid or taken at the end of each role. The field is clearly marked on the table layout with the winning numbers contained within it, and a note that the two pays 2-1 the twelve 3-1 the other numbers 3,4,9,10 and 11 are paid even money though this is not stated. The field bets you can place and retrieve yourself however the crap bets are given to the dealer and placed by the stickman. The layout below is American and the odds differ slightly in the UK crap bets. Below the odds are two and twelve 30-1,three and eleven 15-1 the any crap bet pays 8-1.In the UK the odds are 33-1 and 16-1 respectively the any crap bet pays 7.5-1.

Many players take these bets as an insurance bet on the first roll of a dice incase they don’t role a natural winner 7 or 11. Which is rather odd when you consider the die combinations for making seven, six and eight are three to one and these bets have only one combination. Other’s play them throughout the game merely because of the higher odds but not every role of the dice. However, lets look at the returns a crap role may get you. Using the odds above and a minimum bet of five units of currency. You cover the 2,12 and 3 that’s 3 chips 15 units of currency. If the role is 2 crap you get 30 chips back 150 units of currency two losing bets a profit of 140 units of currency,the same for the 12 crap and if the 3 crap comes up you get 15 chips back 75 units of currency less losing bets 65 units of currency.

Using just one chip on the any crap you get eight back 40 units of currency no losing bets.


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